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A Warm Welcome to American Nails Mansfield Salon

Quality is our top priority at American Nails Mansfield Salon, which is why we exclusively utilise renowned products such as OPI Acrylic Powder, Gel Powder, Ombre Gel Powder, SNS Dipping Powder CND Creative Shellac, and other leading brands. This ensures that we deliver the best possible nail services and beauty treatments to our valued customers.

With a vast array of options, we offer thousands of nail polish, gel, and dipping gel colours for you to choose from. Whether you seek professional nail and beauty specialists who genuinely care about your nails and overall beauty, American Nails Mansfield Salon is your ultimate destination.

Our professional team is committed to providing you with top tips, expert advice, and the most suitable nail and beauty services tailored to your specific needs. Look no further than American Nails Mansfield Salon for an exceptional experience that exceeds your expectations.

Professional Nail Care

Appointment & Walk-in Welcome

Full Set gel color and gel toes£55
Full Set Biab on nature nails£30
Full Set Biab on nature nails with french tip£35
Full Set Biab on tip£35
Full Set Biab on tip with french tip£40
Full Set Acrylic With Gel Color£35
Full Set French Tip£40
Ombré Pink And White£35
Ombré Color£37-£40
Infill Acrylic with gel color and gel toes£45
Infills Acrylic With Gel Color£25
Infills Ombré Pink And White£28
Infills Ombré Color£30
Gel Color On Nature Nails£20
Infills french tip£30
Take off and newset with gel color£35
Take off and newset with french tip£40
Full Set Acrylic on toes with gel color£35
Full Set Acrylic on toes with french tip£40
Infills 2 big toes with gel color£25
Infills toes with gel color£28
Take Off Acrylic£10
Take Off Gel color£5
Gel Color French Tip£22
Gel Color On Toes£22
Luxyry Pedicure With Gel Color£35
Manicure With Gel Color£25
Luxury Pedicure And Manicure With Gel Color£57
Design Extra£3
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